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#ECEtechCHAT: ECE Technology and Field Trips 2/29

Posted in Uncategorized by Fran Simon, M.Ed. on February 28, 2012

FieldTrip2Join #ECEtechCHAT on Leap Day (well, leap evening here  in the US anyway) 2/29 at 9 PM EST to explore the use of technology before, during and after field trips. Come ready to share tech tips, ideas, and strategies that help you or a teacher you know make the most of field trips with technology.


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  1. Hi Terrence:

    Thanks for reading! We’ve moved all of the #ECEtechCHAT information and archives over to our new site: http://ECEtech.net. You will find all of the archives and the weekly questions here:


    This specific archive is at:

    Join us! What’s your twitter handle?


  2. Terence S. said,

    Interesting subject. I would have joined the discussion but just found your blog earlier this evening.

    Do you have a transcript of the discussion?

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