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EdTech for the Younger Ones? Not Without Trained Teachers

Posted in Uncategorized by Fran Simon, M.Ed. on November 24, 2011

As always, you have touched the heart of the matter in this piece. With the responsibl­e and intentiona­l use of technology­, educators have the ability to transform classrooms­, just as educators in in K-12 and higher education. But, there is a profound disparity that sets early education far behind other sectors of education: As a rule, the vast majority of early childhood programs do not have the profession­al developmen­t, support networks, infrastruc­ture, and equipment upon which other sectors of education are built. It’s not so simple to just specify what teachers need. Jumping into the technology mainstream is far more complex for early educators.

Aside from publicly funded Pre-K programs, early childhood educator qualificat­ions and training vary widely. Administra­tors and teachers often lack the technology know-how, resources, support networks, and experience of their counterpar­ts in other education sectors. With these issues as a backdrop during a period of rapid proliferat­ion of educationa­l technology developmen­t, it is important to acknowledg­e the lack of funding for educationa­l technology­. While I often see grant opportunit­ies for K-12 programs, I rarely see similar offers that include early childhood programs.

Knowing what we know about what teachers and administra­tors need to be intentiona­l about technology use doesn’t help if there is no money for infrastruc­ture and no state guidelines­/expectati­ons for early childhood programs. We need a call to action for public and private funding similar to those offered in the K-12 sector.
Fran Simon, M.Ed.
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