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Leave no customer behind (via Thinking out loud ~ Pensando en voz alta)

Posted in Uncategorized by Fran Simon, M.Ed. on June 1, 2010

A great post supporting best practice in customer service and highlighting my piece on Facebook’s failure to provide customer service by Cynthia Goldbarg.

Leave no customer behind Facebook has over 400 million users. Four. Hundred. Million. Who cares if a few thousand are upset? Right? WRONG! Every customer must count. The number 1, the number 359, and the number 295,134,876. In fact; if there is one thing that will give you the competitive advantage, it is the quality of your relationships with your customers. I'm big, you're small… why should I care about you? Corporations, non profits, school systems… everyone can have … Read More

via Thinking out loud ~ Pensando en voz alta


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