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Off the Beaten Path (in oh, so many ways): Gr8 Pizza at Corner Slice, Bethesda

Posted in Food in DC,pizza by Fran Simon, M.Ed. on February 27, 2010

If you know me virtually, you know I am obsessed with social media, early childhood education, marketing, and all kinds of other business issues. But, if you know me in person, you also know I am crazy about food. Today, I just have to talk about the pizza at The Corner Slice in Bethesda, MD.

I literally crave the veggie pizza at The Corner Slice. I used to work near the tiny shop, which is located at the corner of Norfolk and St. Elmo.  Once a week, I would pop into the New York-like pizzeria for a slice, and a little New York-like customer service.  There were times when friends wanted to meet me for lunch in Bethesda, and I would always suggest The Corner Slice. Inevitably,  they would look at me like I was crazy, and ask, “Don’t you want to go someplace….uhhh, nicer?”  Now, those friends are converts, and I have to go out of my way to get to The Corner Slice.  Today I did just that.

First, about the customer service: Well, every woman who comes in is addressed as “Miss,” even by the blue-eyed hunky owner. That’s nice and all, but the hunk can be a little gruff, and less than engaging. Today, I said “Four dollars for a slice?” with a little smile.  He said unapologetically, “Yeah. You want that to go?”  You know, I think it’s all OK. The $4 price, the Pac Man game in the corner, the metal stools, and the perfunctory customer service, all add up to make you feel like you are in Long Island or Brooklyn. That’s just fine because the pizza stacks up to New York quality standards. And then some.

Now the pizza:  This is not gourmet pizza (but I like that, too.) This is street food at its best. The Corner Slice offers the best crust in DC. It’s thin and crunchy NY-style crust complemented with a deliciously thin layer of perfectly seasoned sauce, just the right amount of cheese, and crunchy veggies, including fresh tomatoes on the top. It is never greasy. The veggie is more than worth $4.

I have consumed my slide. It’s a distant memory. Now, I have to go back to dreaming about the next time I will be in Bethesda.

If you think I am crazy, and there is no NY style pizza worth writing about in DC, check out these reviews and this review from Washingtonian!


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